Pink Visual Scammed by Fraudulent Distributors!

Jul 21, 2008

Pink Visual Scammed by Fraudulent Distributors!

Van Nuys, CA - Adult studio Pink Visual was the victim of two fraudulent cashier's check scams when two undisclosed distributors paid for COD shipments of Pink Visual DVDs with counterfeit cashier's checks totaling nearly $25,000.

Once the cashier's checks were discovered to be fraudulent, these distributors could no longer be contacted by their provided information. Thus far, Pink Visual has been unsuccessful in tracking these distributors down or regaining the money owed. Subsequent invoices sent by Pink Visual to the retailers were returned to sender due to the addresses being vacant. These distributors also paid their UPS shipping fees with cashier's checks, but their validity is yet to be confirmed.

"It looks like these guys set up shop, placed the order, and left," says Kim Kysar, Brand and Product Manager for Pink Visual. "It is important in this economy that adult studios, retailers, and distributors all look out for each other. We had $25,000 worth of product stolen from us in a sophisticated scam and those titles will most likely be re-sold. Pink Visual encourages everyone in the industry to order from legal and reputable sources to help minimize the damage of scams like these. We also wanted to warn other studios of these recent acts of fraud in the hopes of preventing similar scams aimed at them."

Although the provided names of the retailers will not be disclosed, both were located in Southern California.

For more information or to arrange an interview, please contact Kim Kysar,

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