Pink Visual Teams Up With Spatial View to Offer 3D Mobile Porn

Mar 13, 2009

Pink Visual announced today the latest step in its ongoing effort to remain at the leading edge of adult entertainment technology: a collaborative relationship with Spatial View, the company behind the new Wazabee 3DeeShell for the iPhone, enabling Pink Visual to offer 3D content that does not require special glasses to view.

"We're really excited to be working with Spatial View to provide our customers with a new dimension in porn, so to speak," said Kim Kysar, brand and product manager for Pink Visual. "Shooting content for 3D is challenging and a bit resource-intensive, but when you look at the final product, it's easy to see what the current 3D buzz is about. This isn't like the cheesy, 1970s 3D viewing experience that a lot of us grew up with; this is cutting edge stuff. The best part is that there's no need to wear those awful glasses."

Wazabee's 3DeeShell is a protective skin for the iPhone with a slide-in stereoscopic screen that allows for glasses-free 3D viewing. While the 3DeeShell officially hits shelves on March 15, Pink Visual's relationship with Spatial View allowed the studio to have sample 3D content ready to coincide with the release of the 3DeeShell.

Jason King, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Spatial View, said that providing 3D technology for mobile devices to a company that was well-positioned in the iPhone user market was an obvious move, especially given the adult industry's history of helping to spur on consumer adoption of new media technologies.

"The adult entertainment industry has been historically at the forefront of adopting and monetizing new technologies. Pink Visual is a true pioneer and has chosen to lead in this respect by embracing the 3DeeShell as core to its 3D consumer offering," King said. "With its focus on the iPhone market, Pink Visual is amongst the first to launch glasses-free 3D mobile content. In the coming months, we will see a significant increase in 3D mobile content availability, both adult and mainstream for viewing on the 3DeeShell."

Kysar said that the studio is currently shooting full-length scenes optimized for 3D playback, and will soon be releasing such scenes on its flagship mobile site,

Pink Visual has created a demo video showing the 3DeeShell in action, which can be viewed at The studio is also offering consumers a package deal under which customers will receive a free 3DeeShell with purchase of a one-year subscription to or To receive the special offer, customers need only to select the one-year price point from the subscription options listed on each site's signup page.

"We love the 3DeeShell, and we believe our customers will, as well," Kysar said. "By bundling the Shell with a long-term subscription to our site, our customers will save money on their favorite porn and get a cool new toy to play with at the same time."

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