Pink Visual Counters Vivid's Offer to 'Octomom'

Feb 26, 2009

Pink Visual has made an interesting counter-offer to the $1 million that Vivid offered "Octomom" Nadya Suleman to appear in one of its videos: the company has offered to provide diapers for Suleman's octuplets for one year, if Suleman will agree to not appear in a porn movie.

"While an offer to perform for a porn company may be enticing and understandable given her current situation, Octomom is under so much scrutiny as it is, and in fear of the hospital not releasing her kids to her, that we really wanted to reach out and help," said Kim Kysar, brand and product manager for Pink Visual. "We saw it as an opportunity to NOT be the predatory type of company that people automatically think of when they think of porn."

In her letter to Suleman, Kysar urged the Octomom to consider the future of her children, and the negative impact that becoming a porn star could have on them.

"This might sound strange coming from the head of a porn studio, but at Pink Visual, we believe it is possible to be both a pornographer and a person with a conscience and a sense of social responsibility," Kysar wrote in the letter. "It simply isn't in your best interest, and more importantly, in the best interest of your children, for you to become a porn star."

Kysar emphasized that while her company does not share the negative view of porn that many people have, it was important for Suleman to be aware of the downside of being in porn, and important for the overall health and perception of the adult industry that its performers be people who are right for the job.

"Pink Visual is nothing but supportive of porn stars, including those who are mothers," Kysar said. "However, we feel it's in everyone's best interest to keep those who are not mentally stable out of our industry whenever possible. It takes a great amount of self-confidence and fortitude to be a performer, and as a mother and grandmother myself, I applaud the women who independently support not only their family through their performances, but everyone in the industry's families. Those women put food on our table and keep our business churning, and I have nothing but respect for them."

Kysar said it is her respect for the positive examples set by the industry's best-adjusted performers that makes her hope that Suleman doesn't opt to work in porn.

"I would hate to see someone like Octomom become a performer, as she could set our industry back 30 years, tarnishing the achievements of people like Nina Hartley, Ginger Lynn, Sharon Mitchell, Karen Stagliano, Annie Sprinkle, Sasha Grey, and all the other strong women working both in front of and behind the porn lens."

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