Pink Visual Putting the 'Box' in Boxee

Apr 14, 2009

Van Nuys, Calif. - Pink Visual announced today that is has established a new app for Boxee, making the company the first to create an adult entertainment feed for the innovative cross-platform media center.

"We're always on the lookout for new distribution channels and technologies, and we're mighty impressed with the system that Boxee has put together," said Kim Kysar, brand and product manager for Pink Visual. "One of our employees was an alpha tester for Boxee, so we've been watching it develop and preparing our app and feeds for some time now. We only made the app available recently, and the results have already been impressive. We're looking forward to making Pink Visual fans out of more Boxee users in the months ahead."

Boxee users can add the feed in two ways; by downloading the app at, or utilizing the RSS feed available at feed://

The Pink Visual feed for Boxee offers free videos with advertisements interspersed within the clips, much like traditional TV advertising, only applied to online content. Kysar said that this approach helps Pink Visual achieve multiple marketing objectives at the same time, while maintaining a viewer-friendly free feed.

"As online delivery mediums evolve, we're seeing people adopt more traditional, broadcast-style advertising techniques into this very non-traditional environment," Kysar said. "The practice of giving out free adult content does not appear to be going away any time soon, so it is crucial to expose your brand to the free content audience effectively."

In addition to being available on Boxee, the Pink Visual Boxee feed can be viewed online via a standard web browser at

While it is assumed by many in the adult industry that tech-savvy audiences like the Boxee user-base are less likely to purchase porn due to their awareness of the tremendous amount of free content available on the web, Kysar noted that the same arguments used to be applied to the TGP/MGP market, and that market "has produced thousands upon on thousands of paying customers over the years."

"The audiences for free porn are just like anything else in this business," Kysar said. "It's a 'numbers game.' You expose your product to hundreds of thousands with the idea being that you sell to hundreds. One thing is for sure; people aren't going to buy the products they never see - so you don't do yourself any favors by ignoring these new avenues for content distribution."

The establishment of the Boxee feed follows Pink Visual's pattern of embracing new technology. Last month, the company announced it was offering 3D adult content for use with the Wazabee 3DeeShell for the iPhone through a strategic partnership with Spatial View, the company behind the Wazabee brand.

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