Introducing "FapMapper" - putting sex on the map, one pin at a time

Sep 28, 2009

Mobile mapping utilities for the iPhone are all the rage these days, from tools to help you remember where you parked your car, to routing applications that instruct you on the optimal path from Point A to Point B. Now, Pink Visual has come up with another novel use for modern mapping technology: documenting your sexual exploits.

Currently in beta, our FapMapper is designed to augment the age-old tradition of boasting about your sexual conquests.

Although the name FapMapper suggests that the utility is strictly about masturbation ("fap" is a euphemism for masturbation that is increasingly popular among young, tech-savvy Web users), Pink Visual manager Kim Kysar notes that the app's intended function goes beyond autoeroticism.

"FapMapper is an extension of those conversations guys have with their college buddies after each summer vacation," Kysar said. "You know -- the ones in which they lie like rugs about how many hot chicks they nailed over the summer? That's what FapMapper is all about; adding a visual and geographic element to your sexual exploits, be they real or fabricated."

While principally designed for use on the iPhone, the FapMapper can also be used on desktop computers. The application detects the user's location, and sets the initial map display accordingly. Once logged in as a member, the user can search out locations to place "fap pins" by typing addresses into the seek function. Once a location has been found, the user then clicks "Mark" to set the pin. In the process, the user can leave a comment describing what sex act they engaged in at that location.

"The comments are at least half the fun," Kysar said. "We anticipate that for a lot of users, it will be all about coming up with the most outrageous claim, paired with the most unlikely location that they can think of. We've already seen people claiming to have masturbated at the White House, and I'm sure eventually we'll have quite a number of landmarks and historic sites in the mix."

At the moment, the only mobile device supported by the FapMapper is the iPhone, but Kysar said that support for additional devices is coming soon.

"We started with the iPhone because that device is a big focus for us, but we don't want to leave everybody else out of the fun," Kysar said. "Don't fret, Palm Pre users; you too will soon be able to map your faps."

Click here to check out the FapMapper for yourself!

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