Lesbian X Rated Event Draws Large, Lively Crowd

Oct 08, 2009

On October 6, Pink Visual's Brand and Product Manager Kim Kysar attended the Lesbian X Rated event at the University of Southern California, to take part in an academic discussion of various forms of lesbian pornography.

The Lesbian X Rated discussion was well attended, with a near capacity crowd. Which is somewhat expected given that it was advertised as a opportunity to view some real-life lesbian porn. Pink Visual participated as producers of lesbian porn for straight men, women, and couples, not so much geared toward the lesbian viewer.

Joining Kysar on the panel, which was moderated by USC professor Diana Blaine, were documentary filmmaker Michelle Johnson and Richard Graves from Adult Industry Insider. Cyber-Dyke was represent via video clips, but not present for the panel.

What was most surprising was the difference in the acceptance levels of the productions. According to Kysar, Pink Visual's content appeared to appeal more to the audience in attendance, as being more playful, and closer to what at least some lesbians in attendance wanted to see. The first clip shown was a very serious scene of two 'butch' girls, as South Park would put it, "scissoring." The scene ended with a tearful and very emotional climax. The atmosphere was very tense in the room, and the audience was completely silent for several seconds following the end of the clip, then there was nervous chatter and laughter. Then it was Pink Visual's turn.

After the two clips played the audience was polled: "What differences did you notice between the two clips?"

Comments from the audience included:
"The second one seemed more real."
"The first one was more intimate."
"The orgasms were real in the second one."
"The 1 inch french manicures in the second one aren't really very realistic."

"The biggest surprise of the evening for me was the second clip provided by Cyber-Dyke.net in which 3 very soft, very femme gals in lingerie and strap on were going at it," Kysar said. "This scene could have been produced by any company producing lesbian porn for straight men, women, and couples. There was nothing butch, or different, the faces, the shots, the positions, all very standard of what Cyber-Dyke referred to as 'mainstream porn.'"

Overall, discussion was lively, Kysar said, and the audience remained engaged in the discussion throughout. Topics ranged from 'money shots' and why straight men want them in porn, to questions like "how can you tell if the women are really orgasming in porn?"

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