iPad porn flourishing, despite Apple's content policies

Jun 22, 2010

While there isn't any pornography to be had in the official App Store for iPad users, Pink Visual released statistics today that reveal early adopters of the tablet to be eager consumers of online erotica.

"We knew the iPad would be a big hit with consumers, and that's why we had a site optimized and waiting for iPad porn seeking customers from Day 1," said Kim Kysar, Brand and Product Manager for Pink Visual. "That said, even we have been surprised by how PinkVisualPad.com has taken off."

Kysar said that in tracking the user behavior on the iPad-optimized site, several metrics caught the company's eye and reinforced the studio's confidence that optimizing content for the popular tablet was a smart move.

"Compared to our standard website users, what we've found is that iPad users spend approximately twice as long on the site per visit that our desktop-based audience does, and are quite a bit more likely to sign up for a subscription in their initial visit to the site," Kysar said. "The iPad user is proving to be more engaged in the experience than our desktop consumers by basically all measurable criteria. From the number of pages they visit per session, to the subscription renewal rate, we're seeing a clear indication that early adopters of the iPad love using their tablets for viewing porn."

Pink Visual's observations are consistent with iPad user engagement metrics recently published by textPlus, PointRoll and AdMarvel. In a joint release from the three companies issued last week, the marketing and ad tracking firms reported that advertising interaction rates for iPad users were up to six times the average among desktop users in comparable ad campaigns.

Since the iPad hit shelves on April 3, Pink Visual has sold thousands of subscriptions to PinkVisualPad.com and in combination with the gay iPad porn site MaleSpectrumPad.com the company's iPad-optimized properties have received over a half-million unique visits since their launch. Ironically, Kysar said that Apple's restrictive app store content policy could be contributing to the popularity of Pink Visual's mobile products, and the studio's iPad-optimized site in particular.

"If Apple offered cheap, easy access to porn via the app store, PinkVisualPad.com might be a less attractive option to iPad users," Kysar conceded. "As it stands, there are very few adult sites that are truly optimized for the iPad, so if an iPad user is keen to watch porn on their pad, we're among the very few games in town at the moment."

Kysar added that Pink Visual is continually upgrading its mobile sites to take better advantage of the wide variety of features and functions of 'next gen' mobile devices, including not only Apple's product line, but Android-based devices and the latest Blackberry products.

"The only time we like being caught with our pants down is when it's a camera doing the catching," Kysar said. "So, just like any developer of 'mainstream' applications, we keep a very close eye on the latest developments in the mobile space, and move quickly to take advantage of the opportunities those developments present."

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