Pink Visual Announces Content Retreat #2

Dec 23, 2010

Following a successful first session in October, Pink Visual announced today that with the help of XBIZ and the Free Speech Coalition, a second Content Protection Retreat has been scheduled to take place in Los Angeles on Feb. 6-7, in conjunction with the 2011 XBIZ LA Conference, being held Feb. 7-9 at the Sofitel Hotel. At the end of the first CPR event, there was definite support to continue the education effort by including even more studios and industry attorneys," Pink Visual President Allison Vivas said. "XBIZ has been gracious enough to help organize the space and services, and the FSC and other studios have also volunteered staff to help with the event. The event will include much of the previous agenda, high quality intellectual property experts and opportunities for studios to help mold the FSC Anti-Piracy Action Program (, but the plans for CPR2 also include stepping it up a notch, Vivas said. Since much of the foundation was already set at the first CPR event, we plan to be able to provide more tools and resources for studios to walk away with Vivas said. Unlike the previous event, we are also encouraging industry attorneys who are interested in the anti-piracy efforts to attend and participate in the private attorney-only discussions as a way to introduce more resources and options to studios. The event will be open to 50 studios and will also include a virtual component where up to 20 studios can participate via video conference. A registration fee will be required for all attendees in order to cover costs, as this is a non-sponsored event. As with the first CPR, all attendees will be screened to ensure there are no conflicts of interest and no media coverage of the event. Our goal is to empower studios through knowledge which enables them to implement a successful anti-piracy strategy and therefore make a major impact on piracy within the adult industry by 2012 Vivas said. The event will include the information, tools and resources necessary to position studios for a good start, as we know a successful strategy takes time to put into effect. Vivas noted that the second CPR is intended to serve an entirely different group of studios than attended the first CPR, while the studios that attended the first CPR maintain contact and continue to work on a collaborative anti-piracy strategy. We have been very pleased to hear about the progress a number of studios have already made, and we know it is just a matter of time before the impact of that progress becomes more and more visible, Vivas said. The event will end with a cocktail event for both CPR1 and CPR2 attendees to continue to celebrate this important industry movement. More public information will be available in January. For registration information please contact Pink Visual marketing director Lea Busick at or at (520) 290-0910, ext. 237.

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